Solve your doubts on iFog®

The composition of the fog

iFog is able to generate over 250m3 of non-toxic fog in just a few seconds in order to prevent intruders from seeing and consequently stealing.

Which is the most suitable configuration for your home?

All homes are different, and so are the needs. With iFog you can freely choose whether to protect a single room or the whole house, connect it to an existing alarm system or make iFog your new alarm system.

Installation guide

Easy to install, iFog is suitable for anyone. No masonry or electrical work, just have your smartphone and a power outlet available.

Activation of iFog

Like all alarm systems, iFog only works if it is armed. When you leave the house, activate the iFog and from that moment if anyone enters, they will back off by the thick cloud of fog.

Frequent questions

How many m² does iFog® cover®?

iFog generates 250 m³ of fog, so in a room with a standard height of 3 m it is able to cover about 70 m².

How does the iFog® remote control work?

IFog’s remote control is bidirectional, so you can always know the iFog status right on your remote. Pressing the closed lock iFog arms, pressing the open lock iFog disarms.

Is it possible to connect iFOG to my system?

Yes, by buying the iFog Starter Pack you will receive the iFog only, it will then be sufficient to bring the arming and shooting commands from your system. For more information, please see the instructions.

How many shots does iFOG do?

iFog makes 2 alarms with 1 refill.

What if there is a power outage?

iFog has a buffer battery that allows it to work even in case of power failure and will also send out a power outage warning.

How do I get around the house at night?

iFog has the ability to select a “night” partition. In this area it will be sufficient to insert only the magnetic sensors or those that do not interfere with your movements inside the house. When you select the “night” option from the app, only those sensors will be inserted, thus allowing you to move freely around the house. If desired, it is also possible to disable the supply of fog and use iFog only as a classic alarm system.

What is the meaning of the colors of the LEDs?

Behind the door you can see a multicolored LED:

  • Red = low charge, you still have 1 alarm
  • Blue = iFog is armed

Can be connected to a sensor later?

Yes, you can connect any additional device directly from the app.

Can fog delivery be disabled?

Yes, if for any reason you want to use iFog only as an alarm system, simply disable the fog delivery function directly from your app.

What is the anti-theft kit?

The anti-theft kit is an additional remote control that allows you to relase the fog on command in an emergency case. It can be used at home in case of a night attack or in the shop during opening hours.

Can be connected several iFogs together?

Of course, among the various options you can buy iFog, which can be connected with the app like any other device. In the event of a break-in, the iFogs will deliver the fog together. This option is recommended in rooms larger than 250m3 or in case of need to protect several different rooms.

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