How to activate iFog?

Now that you have completed the installation, it’s time to start using your new revolutionary security system.

iFog is managed like a classic alarm system, so it needs to be armed to go into operation. If iFog is not armed, the fog can only be delivered by activating the anti-theft kit.

iFog generates fog only in 2 situations:

ARMED: like classic alarm systems, if you enter it with the remote control by pressing the lock key or the app, iFog will switch to armed mode. From this moment, if someone enters into the house or in any case alarm the sensor, iFog would detect it and disperse the fog.

ANTI-THEFT KIT: a remote control to be used in an emergency that orders the delivery of fog regardless of the sensors and iFog status.

How does iFog communicate?

The app is your tool to control iFog in its entirety. Actually it is not only used to arm / disarm the system, but allows you to be constantly updated on its status. iFog will send you notifications relating to any change in status, anomaly, power outages and above all alarm. In case of an intrusion, in addition to delivering the fog, iFog will promptly notify you with a notification on your Smartphone.


Normal use of iFog involves arming and disarming the system from the outside, so once you leave the house you will arm the system from the remote control or the app and disarm it before returning home. Both the remote control and the app allow you to know the status of the system, which I recommend you always to check.

Stop the intruder.

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