Installation guide

Open the box, taking care not to damage the contents. You will find inside your iFog with all your options, suction cup, instruction booklet.

Set up iFog according to the following points:

– It orients iFOG towards the inside of the room and not towards the door/doors.

– The sensors must have an unobstructed view in front of them (they have a spectrum of 90 °).

– Insert the refills on all devices, verifying that you have inserted them correctly. Insert the chargers on all devices.

– The device starts the heating phase signaled by the flashing of the LED.

Connect iFog to Wi-Fi and configure the app. The operation is very simple. All you need is a Smartphone with the iFog app installed and a password-protected Wi-Fi network.

Open the iFog app, click at the top right to add a device, name it and follow the instructions on the app step by step. At the end of the procedure which lasts up to 1 minute, you will have your iFog available on your app and correctly connected to the cloud.

At this point, you can start pairing the sensors with your iFog. Remember to select the “night” option if you want the sensors to activate in this mode as well.

The installation of the sensors is very simple. All you have to do is to insert the battery and attach it to the wall or on the jambs according to the type of sensors, either by the double-sided tape or by the screws provided. Remember that the volumetric sensor has a spectrum of 90 °, detects up to 12m away and must be installed at a height of about 2m.

Once your system has been configured, you can manage it directly with the remote control or with the app on your Smartphone.

Stop the intruder.

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