What is the most suitable configuration
for your home?

iFog is a very simple, versatile system and can be adapted to any need.

What do you want to protect?

Our advice to better configure your iFog is to start from a question that is as obvious as it is crucial. iFog is able to protect various situations, starting from a single room to get to fill several rooms with fog at the same time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that iFog is designed to protect rather than alert, so it should be located in the area where we want to protect it or as a barrier in a critical area. Fog barely passes through closed doors.

Do you already have your own system or do you want iFog to operate as a complete safety system?

As you have seen, it is possible to buy the iFog starter package which only includes iFog to be connected to your alarm system. If you want to connect iFog to an existing system, you will need to bring the arming and shooting commands to your iFog directly from the alarm control unit. If you choose to manage iFog independently, a situation we recommend, you have the possibility to compose your security system as you see fit, combining various types of sensors to make your iFog as reactive and effective as possible.

Once you have selected the area you want to protect, we can proceed with evaluating the various devices to connect to your iFog. Consider that iFog can also work as an anti-theft and not just against intrusions in an empty house. iFog can be placed on a piece of furniture, placed on the ground or hidden behind a plant, the only important thing is that the fog has free space in front of it and is possibly guided towards the area to be protected. Once you have chosen the location of your iFog, you can evaluate the possible need to put additional iFogs if you want to protect rooms larger than 250m2 or different rooms or floors. Keep in mind that all iFogs will work connected to each other as a single system and you can always add them in the future.

Now that you have chosen where your iFog will be placed, let’s move on to the sensors. The sensors are “the eye of iFog”, in fact they allow it to detect the break-in. You will have the possibility to connect volumetric or magnetic sensors. The volumetric sensors are positioned inside the room and are able to create a radius of 12 meters wide 90 ° within which they are able to detect any movements of intruders. Magnetic sensors, on the other hand, should be placed on doors and windows in case you want to detect the opening of the latter.

Once you have also configured the “eyes” of your iFog, you will be able to choose any sirens or other devices to complete the system.


Examples of installation:

I WANT TO PROTECT JUST ONE ROOM: Protecting a single space is quite simple, as it is enough to place the iFog inside the room and place a volumetric sensor at an angle or in any case considering that it is able to reveal the whole room. With the remote control provided or the app, simply arm the iFog when you leave the room and from that moment on if someone enters, the iFog detects it and delivers the fog. For this solution we have thought of the Smart Pack.

I WANT TO PROTECT AN APARTMENT: In the case of the classic apartment, with the front door as an access point and a secondary access from a window or terrace, we recommend positioning the iFog in a key area of ​​the house such as the living room or hallway. The sensors in this case will require a magnetic on the entrance door, a second magnetic on the window or French window and a pair of volumetric support. For this solution we have thought of the Extra Pack.

I WANT TO PROTECT A 2-STORY HOUSE: Generally 2-storey houses are very large and require various sensors as needed, so we recommend starting with the Extra Pack and adding additional sensors as needed. In this case iFog is often placed on the stairs to prevent the attacker from going upstairs, but just as often a second iFog is needed to protect another area of ​​the house.

Stop the intruder.

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