Dual-Tech Volumetric Sensor

The kit includes

Buy an additional volumetric sensor to allow your iFog to detect the intruder.

– Self-installing dual technology volumetric sensor (x1)


The iFog volumetric sensor is wireless with dual technology, in order to ensure the absence of false alarms as much as possible. Connecting to your iFog is very simple and can be done directly from the app at any time.



Simply remove the sensor from the box, insert the battery and follow the instructions on the app.


The iFog sensor has a spectrum of 90 ° horizontally and reaches a depth of 12m. The ideal installation is at a height of 2m. The double-sided tape will suffice to apply it to the wall, alternatively the sensor is designed for the use of screws and plugs for a safer installation.


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Buy iFog and connect it to your alarm system.

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