iFog Basic

The kit includes

This kit requires thebuying of only the iFog system and the relative remote control to control the instant shot.

iFog is able to saturate a room of 250m3 in just a few seconds.

– iFog® (x1)
– Reload (x1)
– Remote control (x1)
– App for iPhone and Android

iFog Starter Pack is suitable for those looking for a device to connect to an existing alarm system, in fact it will be possible to control iFog directly from your security system, whatever it is.

iFog can work even without being connected to Wi-Fi although it is always advisable to connect it to keep its status and functionality under control. Simply connect iFog to your Wi-Fi, configure it with the app and keep it monitored.

The included refill is able to make 2 deliveries of fog, at the end of the first delivery both the app and a red LED will indicate the reserve as only one shot is still available.


Once the box is received, it will be sufficient to extract the iFog, place it in the ideal place inside the house and connect it to the power outlet. The connection to an existing system is very simple through the terminal block on the rear side of iFog.

iFog necessita di 2 comandi: armo e sparo. Dalla tua centrale d’allarme sarà necessario portare i 2 comandi direttamente sulla morsettiera ed iFog verrà gestito esattamente come una sirena dell’impianto d’allarme, solo che invece che suonare erogherà nebbia. La connessione può essere cablata oppure utilizzando 2 relay wireless ormai disponibili per quasi tutti gli impianti d’allarme.

Una volta installato iFog sarà sufficiente inserire la ricarica in dotazione e sarà pronto a proteggerti.

890 VAT included

Buy iFog and connect it to your alarm system.

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