iFog Package

The kit includes

This product provides the possibility of having a first kit suitable for the protection of a small apartment.

– iFog® ( x1 )
– Self-installing volumetric sensor (x1)
– Magnetic sensor for doors or windows (x1)
– Reload (x1)
– Remote control (x1)
– App on Smartphone (x1)

iFog package is a first kit for those who intend to create a complete safety system as it includes a volumetric sensor and a magnetic sensor to be placed inside the home. To this kit it is possible to add additional sensors, remote controls or other iFogs to create a more articulated and personalized system.


It will be sufficient to remove iFog from the box, place it in the ideal place inside your home and connect it to the power outlet. At this point, download the app on your Smartphone and connect iFog to the Wi-Fi network so you can configure, monitor and above all receive notifications. The entire iFog system works even without internet and in case of power outage. The configuration of the sensors and devices will be very simple and directly from the app./p>

For the positioning of the sensors, the double-sided tape provided inside the packages is sufficient. The sensor battery is already supplied and it will be possible to monitor its level directly from the app.

980 VAT included

Protect your home with the iFog system./p>

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