Smart Alarm

The kit includes

This kit does NOT include the buying of the iFog system but only our Smart Alarm Kit which includes:

– Central alarm (x1)
– Remote control (x1)
– Magnetic sensor (x1)
– Dual technology volumetric sensor (x1)
– Smartphone control app (x1)


Our Smart Alarm is suitable for those looking for a professional and smart alarm system, which can be customized according to needs and can be buyed entirely online. The system is perfectly compatible with all iFog devices so you can create a real system according to your needs. You will be able to buy and connect iFog at any time in the future.

Choose this kit if you need to protect yourself with a classic alarm.


Once the box is received, it will be sufficient to extract the iFog, place it in your favorite place inside the house and connect it to the power outlet. For configuration, simply download the app and connect your Smart Alarm to the Wi-Fi network simply by following the instruction. Once the Smart Alarm is connected to the Wi-Fi, it will be possible to easily combine all the devices buyed together.

Directly from the app it will be possible to manage the alarm and be notified through notifications in the case of an alarm or anomaly.

We always recommend connecting iFog for immediate action against thieves.

390 VAT included

Buy iFog and connect it to your alarm system.

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