A danger to be avoided

iFog® stops intruders in 5 seconds

Buy it online, plug it in and stop worrying

  • In 5 seconds it makes 60 square meters impenetrable
  • Notify the police and whoever you want
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life without power
  • Small size, hide it wherever you want
  • Equipped with App and remote control
  • 100 % prevented intrusions
Very easy.
Install it in 5 minutes.
Check it or let Google or Alexa check it for you.
It doesn't cause harm to animals, people or equipment.
Thanks to notifications, it is always under control.
Keeps the place safe until the police arrive.

Why choose i-Fog?

  iFog® Alarm siren Video surveillance
It is activated upon intrusion. done done done
Stops thieves. done close close
Prevents visibility. done close close
Call the police. done done done

Stop the intruder.

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